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Personal Endorsements

Tom Newton

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, 

October 30, 2022

Tom Arkoosh, Terri Manweiler, and Toni Ferro

A vote for Tom Arkoosh is a vote for a professional attorney for Idaho Attorney General. A vote for Labrador is a vote for cultural wars on steroids. A vote for Terri Manweiler for Lt. Governor is a vote for a bright, articulate, proactive Lt. Governor who will work with the governor and the legislature for the benefit of Idaho. A vote for Mr. Bedke is a vote for a career do nothing partisan who lacked the common decency to allow reasonable accommodation to highly vulnerable to Covid house members simply to support his political goals. Toni Ferro came knocking on our door and the doors of thousands of other area residents to listen to our concerns, rather than telling us what our values are. A vote for Toni Ferro is a vote for a Legislator who will address the housing crisis, infrastructure, the need for schools and to actually educate our children, and a voice against divisiveness and extremism. Please vote against those who strive to impose their personal religious beliefs on all others.

Tom Newton, Caldwell

Cynthia Alleman

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, 

October 30, 2022

Toni Ferro

I attended the Canyon County Candidates Forum and was happy to see all District 10/11 state candidates present. And dismayed to see a man nearby carrying a gun.

While incumbents praised past legislation, Senate candidates Chris Trakel and Toni Ferro disagreed. Chris stated, “taxes are basically theft”. He touts the party line, emotionally stating criteria on abortion. Chris is against checks for gun ownership, saying “ aren’t we innocent until proven guilty?” How do we know which way it’s going with the gun toting man?

Toni talked about Caldwell’s growth since 1989. She has knocked on thousands of doors to understand which issues weigh heaviest. She calmly offered ideas to cope with constituent concerns of traffic, affordable housing, and education.

They both feel legislative interference. Chris sees too much federal overreach and yet restricts freedom of bodily choice, solutions to gun violence, and lifestyles other than his. Toni finds state overreach with little educational funding and legislators focusing on attention getting minutiae, not addressing citizens’ concerns.

Move Idaho in a positive direction. Vote Toni Ferro!

Cynthia Alleman, Caldwell

Penny Neely

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, 

October 25, 2022

Toni Ferro

Toni Ferro will make a great Idaho State Senator representing District 11.

Toni approaches problem-solving by identifying the problem, researching the problem and finding solutions. She has walked every neighborhood in District 11 knocking on 3,200+ doors and talking with people about the issues affecting them. She goes to them rather than waiting for people to come to her.


Caldwell folks tell her of traffic snarls, high housing costs, unmanageable property taxes, school funding, water concerns and more. Years of underfunding left us with infrastructure in need of update or repair; then came explosive growth compounding the problems. Tax policy has shifted unfair amounts on lower- and middle-class people while Corporations and the wealthy got tax breaks. These kitchen table issues are the ones she has been researching and on which she will concentrate her problem-solving skills when she gets to the State Senate.

Lastly, Toni will make an outstanding Senator because she cares. She cares about Idaho, Caldwell and YOU. Join me in voting for Toni Ferro for State Senate.

Penny Neely, Caldwell

San Juanita Archuleta

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, 

October 19, 2022

Toni Ferro

I’m in support of Toni Ferro for the Idaho State Senate.

Can we all agree that access to education greatly increases people’s circumstances? As an advocate for student workers Toni saw first hand how access to education changes people’s chances. Toni has the Education, Energy & Enthusiasm to Encourage & Elevate this issue.

Skyrocketing property taxes is everyone’s concern. Toni will be at the table to Negotiate & Navigate, focusing on the real Needs of the people. Growth is inevitable. The decisions our elected representatives make today will affect generations to come. Forecasting into the future, budgeting appropriately, funding allotments for road and transportation are issues Toni Ferro is sincerely passionate about.

Growing up in a farm worker family, I admired the camaraderie among workers and families. Our nation seems to have a broken relationship with its workers and families. Toni Ferro will put people over politics. She sees how important it is for working people to have a seat at the table while negotiating policy.

San Juanita Archuleta, Caldwell

Trish Robertson

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, 

October 2, 2022

Toni Ferro

Please vote for Toni Ferro for State Senate! For several years, she has been working very hard to learn about the issues important to Caldwell citizens. Please answer your door or phone to meet and learn about her. Toni grew up in Caldwell, graduated from Caldwell High School and went on to obtain engineering and design degrees. She worked for 12 years at Intel where she proved her management and budgeting abilities. Toni knows business, how to get projects completed and how to work with people with different views and from different backgrounds. She will be great at fixing Idaho’s infrastructure, managing our rapid growth sensibly and achieving a more balanced tax structure — including property tax fairness to allow folks to stay in their homes. Toni is determined to improve Idaho education and ensure that funds will flow to help our students become productive, well-paid adults who can find good jobs in Idaho.

Patricia Robertson, Caldwell

Brandi Mayes

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, 

October 18,2020

Vote Toni

I am proud to endorse and ask District 10 voters to elect Toni Ferro to the Idaho State Senate in the upcoming election.

I have known Toni for many years. We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to school together, and even attended the same University. Toni has always been level-headed, trustworthy, responsible, and willing to listen and work with anyone. She maintains the same values today that she has all the years I have known her.

Toni is a great leader who is easy to work with. She is thoughtful, competent, fair, and will listen and work with, and for, all Idahoans. Toni believes that the best legislation is created when all concerned parties have a seat at the table, and an agreement is arrived at through good-faith efforts at understanding each other and doing what is best for everyone. With her background in Engineering and Technology, Toni brings new and a wider variety of perspectives to the table. She is a problem solver, focused on results and data. She will represent Idaho with responsibility, efficiency, integrity, and good honest values.

I hope you take the time to review Toni’s priorities for Idaho and cast your vote for her during this election.

Brandi Mayes, Kuna

Melyssa Ferro

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press,

October 18, 2020

Vote Ferro

Someone once shared with me that the traditional Maasai greeting between community members is “And how are the children?”. The health of their society is measured against the wellness of their smallest, weakest members. Having known Toni Ferro for several decades now, I can attest to the fact that she prioritizes the needs of children in our community and is committed to helping make Idaho’s education system a model of excellence. She comes from a family of educators, so Toni has spent time talking with teachers about the realities of the needs of students and families in our community.

Toni and I have had meaningful conversations about finding ways to provide opportunities for my students. Our discussions centered on how to open doors for kids through fiscally supporting our local school districts as well as strengthening our communities with access to health care, affordable housing, and good paying jobs for their families. My students need well-funded classrooms with technology, highly qualified and caring adults, and access to experiences that allow them to extend their learning beyond my classroom.

Being willing to make evidence-based decisions after speaking with educators as well as the families in our area shows Toni’s strength as a problem-solver. Her experience as both an engineer and an instructor of undergraduate students has helped her to understand the human faces and stories behind policymaking. She will bring the voices of Caldwell teachers, students, and families into decision-making and give them a strong advocate who cares about the diversity and richness of our community. Toni Ferro cares about the children of Caldwell. As a veteran teacher who has worked with Caldwell students for over 20 years, and as the 2016 Idaho State Teacher of the Year, I am proud to endorse Toni Ferro for Legislative District 10’s Senate seat.

Melyssa Ferro, Caldwell

Kristin Hoffman

Letters to the Editor

Idaho Press, October 11, 2020

Vote Ferro

I am writing this letter to support Toni Ferro in her campaign for the Idaho State Senate. She grew up in Caldwell, Idaho, graduating from Caldwell High School in 1989. I have known Toni since the 6th grade. She has always been a great friend, a leader in her community, and incredibly knowledgeable about politics. She went to college out of state, receiving degrees in Engineering, with her latest accomplishment being a PhD in Engineering. She returned to Idaho after her college career was completed, as Idaho has always been her home, even while away. She is passionate about her state, and wants to improve the areas that needs improvement, as well as keep Idaho the great state it has always been. She cares deeply about the people in her community, and her priority is to make sure we are living in a state that exemplifies the same passion for Idahoans as she has. Toni is, beyond words, an amazing person, and I hope she is our next leader in the Idaho State Senate, District 10.

Kristin Hoffman, Kuna

Anne Gigray Kinley

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press,

October 8, 2020

Vote Ferro

I am not usually one to write letters to the editor, let alone letters to endorse political candidates, but in the case of Toni Ferro I feel compelled to.

Toni has been one of my dearest and closest friends since middle school. She is a homegrown C-town girl who genuinely cares about Caldwell, its constituents, and doing what is right and best for ALL people.

Toni and I were teammates for over 7 years on the Caldwell Swim Team from 6th grade through high school and at the Caldwell Pool as lifeguards/swim lesson instructors. Upon graduating from Caldwell High School Toni went away for many years to earn her college degrees, but always stayed in close personal contact with many of her Caldwell friends. She was and still is a strong supporter of anything and everything all of her friends need.

As a good friend, I can say Toni is not a typical “party” person (democrat/republican) Toni is not like the rest of the politicians who, when you write them an email or make a call to their office, you get a generic form letter response. Toni WANTS that person to person contact. She WANTS to hear from her constituents. I have no doubt she will make time to listen and respond personally to any and all questions.


Toni has a knack for critical thinking and coming up with new and different ways to attack problems. She has always been wonderful at finding compromises and working to make all sides happy. When she informed me she was planning on running for office I was so excited for the voters of Canyon County District 10. If you would truly like an HONEST, Hardworking, Good Listener seriously working for YOU TONI FERRO is your candidate.

Anne Gigray Kinley, Middleton

Leif Skyving

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press,

October 1, 2020

Vote Ferro


Jim Rice cast one of the deciding votes enabling our legislature to borrow 938.5 million dollars, saddling taxpayers with a whopping debt that is costing us 58.8 million dollars per year in interest alone. All of it off the books so that the budget "looks like it's balanced". It's easy for Jim Rice to spend Idaho into a deep hole. It's not his money, in fact, he's collecting a taxpayer funded pay check to do so. That is why I'm supporting Toni Ferro for Idaho State Senate to represent Caldwell. Toni Ferro is fiscally responsible and concerned about growing Idaho's prosperity, not our debt. Toni Ferro is needed to stop Jim Rice and his penchant for living on credit.

Leif Skyving, Caldwell

Tom Newton

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press,

October 1, 2020

Vote Toni

If my granddaughter lost an athletic event to a trans-female athlete, I might wonder if the trans-female had an unfair advantage due to her formerly having male hormones and a male body. Yet, state and national sports associations have thoroughly studied the question and have issued rules to level the playing field so that all females can compete equally. A trans-female might actually score the least of any of the athletes competing. The entire anti-transgender sports legislation is less an athletic issue and more of an anti-LGBTQ+ issue.


Trans-females should not be barred from sports events in Idaho simply because they are trans and simply because a socially conservative Arizona group asked Idaho’s Republican legislature to take up their cause against more accepting views in Idaho as well as nationwide. Ignoring pressing Idaho problems, Idaho’s legislature unfortunately took the bait and passed legislation leading us directly into an expensive court battle. The Arizona group was already in court in Connecticut on the same issue. I ask Senator Jim Rice why not hold off on rushing Idaho into another costly legal battle rather than letting that legal battle be fought and paid for by others. The Senator did not respond to my email. Senator Rice cost us $250,000 in legal fees defending his mostly unconstitutional “ag-gag” rule. Why Senator Rice (an attorney) was so eager to take us back into court instead of waiting for the court’s to decide on the Connecticut case first defies sound fiscal policy. Maybe we need to quit replenishing the Idaho Legislature’s legal slush fund so those serving in the Idaho Legislature won’t be so blatantly reckless with our tax dollars. A Federal court has already blocked implementation of the new Idaho law against Idaho’s trans-female athletes.

We can’t afford Senator Rice. Vote for Toni Ferro!

Tom Newton, Caldwell

Christine Sugg

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, September 24, 2020


Vote Ferro


Toni Ferro is running for State Senate for District 10 against incumbent Senator Rice.

As a Caldwell High School graduate, Toni has deep roots and caring about the people of Caldwell and Idaho. One way in which this is expressed was in her efforts to support Proposition 2, the Medicaid Expansion program, to cover tens of thousands of Idahoans without health care coverage. Let’s take a look at her background and experience.

Having achieved her PhD in Engineering, teaching undergraduate students, and working in the high-tech and engineering fields, Toni has gained experience in: forecasting, budgeting appropriately, teaching, and the relationship between education, society, and technology. This background is valuable because most of our legislators are not able understand and address these issues with the level of knowledge that she would bring.

You will recall that Idaho citizens passed Proposition 2 in order to expand Medicaid to ensure more Idahoans had the life line of health care. Although his constituents joined most Idahoans in support of Proposition 2 to expand Medicaid coverage, Senator Rice, nevertheless, supported five measures which would have reduced coverage accessibility to Idaho citizens.

Not only did Senator Rice disrespect his voters’ wishes for Medicaid Expansion, he then supported measures to make it more difficult for initiatives to get on the ballot. He and other legislators voted to constrain Idaho voices. Fortunately, Governor Brad Little vetoed their bill.

Toni values the people of Caldwell and of Idaho. She understands the importance of health care, quality education, technology, and good-paying jobs. She knows how to listen and to lead. She has respect for the will of the people and will work to support—not undermine—their values and needs.

Visit and see for yourself what she can bring to District 10 and all of Idaho!

Christine Sugg, Nampa

Levi Cavener

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, September 20, 2020


Vote Ferro


Toni Ferro understands that the Caldwell community from which she graduated high school in 1989 has had an explosive transformation from a largely rural farm bedroom community to a thriving center with a quadrupled population. Our needs in District 10 have changed insurmountably even in just the past decade.

Ferro understands the frustration in our district with soaring residential property tax and an utter lack of basic infrastructure to support the population growth despite folks writing a larger check to the county assessor each year. She understands our value for public education, and has a plan to make sure the state is meeting its obligation to fund our public schools instead of placing it on the back of property owners through levies as is the current status quo.

When you talk to Ferro you quickly understand she has a vision to invest in and attract the very best businesses into district 10 by making sure we have first class infrastructure and schools that encourage businesses to set up shop in our communities. She listens to our concerns with compassion, and has a plan for working across the aisle as a team player.

A vote for her to represent our district as State Senator is a vote to bring the very best paying modern jobs to district 10. Our community deserves nothing less.

Levi Cavener, Caldwell

Rex Hanson

Letters to the Editor, Idaho Press, September 4, 2020


Vote Ferro


Please vote for Toni Ferro for District 10 Senate! Our State Legislature needs her skills and energy to make progress on urgent issues of education, healthcare, taxes, wages and housing. Our current legislature has consistently failed to address these problems and — worse — has focused on issues that benefit few or none and have cost taxpayers dearly in lawsuits and wasted effort.

Why is the supermajority party afraid of our initiative process, which seems to be the only way voters can get action? Over 60% of voters supported expansion of Medicaid – a lifesaving action for many – and even more critical during our Covid crisis. And yet after years of inaction, our Legislature steps in only to block the full implementation of this measure. Idaho shouldn’t be near last in the US for education spending and near first for suicides!

Trained as an engineer, and with years of high-tech project experience, Toni has the skills to address our issues in a modern, practical, non-partisan way. She knows Caldwell, listens to voters, works very hard and has the energy to get the job done. Please remember her on November 3rd!

Rex Hanson, Caldwell

Wayne and Margaret Fuller

Letter to the Editor, Idaho Press, September 2, 2020

Vote Ferro

We ask District 10 voters to elect Toni Ferro to the Idaho State Senate. Toni is honest and hard working. She graduated from Caldwell High School, earned an engineering degree, did graduate studies, worked for Intel, and came back to Idaho because she cares about the future of Idaho families. She is a moderate whose top priorities are education, health care to contain COVID, good wages, and responsible government that does not waste taxes. We lived in Caldwell for 26 years, raised 5 children who graduated from Caldwell High School and know Toni and her family. Toni will be a great State Senator for District 10.

Wayne & Margaret Fuller, Weiser

Jerry and Margaret Langan

Letter to the Editor, Idaho Press, August 30, 2020

Vote Ferro


Toni Ferro for Idaho State Senate

We are proud to endorse Toni Ferro who is running for the Idaho State Senate in the upcoming election. Toni is a graduate of Caldwell High School and holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Washington. 

Toni’s high tech industry experience including 12 years as a project manager in high tech industry makes her qualified. Her opponent is one of the repeat politicians which have held 80% of the legislative seats in the Idaho Legislature for 20 years and our property taxes are spiking, housing costs are skyrocketing, and our education system is struggling, and our infrastructure is crumpling. 


Toni Ferro is hardworking, a good leader, thoughtfully driver to serve our community, and is an outstanding candidate for the state senate. Toni is committed to prioritize the changes that need to be addressed.

We recommend a vote for Toni Ferro.

Jerry & Margaret Langan, Caldwell

Richard Aiaini

Letter to the Editor, Idaho Press, August 20, 2020

Vote Ferro

I first met Toni Ferro at a meeting of the Canyon County Democrats in Caldwell. Over the years, we have spent time at our social events discussing the problems of local and National politics. It was evident that the approach Toni used in arriving at solutions to these problems, strongly reflected her Engineering background using well defined facts; a clear definition based on logic and a firm description of the goals. Our Senate in Idaho clearly lacks the transparency necessary to even understand what their goals are. The approach Toni employs is designed to preserve transparency, while defining her approach to a solid solution. I believe that Toni will be a strong progressive Senator and a real asset to Idaho.

Richard Aiani, Meridian

Organization Endorsements

The Idaho Education Association

The Idaho Education Association is made up of teachers from around the state. Their mission is "to advocate for Idaho’s education professionals and to unite our members and the state to realize the promise of a public education that prepares every student to succeed."

The Idaho AFL-CIO

The Idaho AFL-CIO is made up of working people from around the state. They endorse both Republicans and Democrats who work hard for working families.

Conservation Voters for Idaho

Conservation Voters for Idaho is an advocacy organization that "protects Idaho’s quality of life by electing pro-conservation candidates, advocating for sound environmental policies, and holding politicians accountable for their votes on conservation issues."

3.14 Action

3.14 Action is an advocacy organization that works to "elect more scientists to Congress, state legislatures, and local offices."

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