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Why I am running for the Idaho Senate 

When I graduated from Caldwell High School in 1989, the population of Caldwell was 18,000 people and Idaho was about to reach 1 million. Today the population of Caldwell is over 71,000  and Idaho is home to nearly two million.  This kind of growth brings a lot of change that Idaho's legislature is not recognizing and not prepared to address. My background has prepared me to help Idaho meet the needs of the future.

After graduating from Caldwell High, I earned an engineering degree from the University of Redlands. Then I went to work in the high-tech industry. I spent twelve years at Intel Corporation managing projects with team members located around the world. My time at Intel showed me the importance of focusing on the real needs of people, forecasting into the future, and budgeting appropriately.

I left Intel to study Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. While earning my doctorate I taught undergraduate students and conducted research into the relationship between technology and society.  

​During graduate school I also became an active member of the union that advocated for student workers. I got to see first hand how access to education changes people's circumstances. And I got to see how important it is for working people to have a seat at the table while negotiating policy. 

Now, I am working to make Idaho a better place for Idaho's working people. To bring Idaho into the future, we need a legislature that is laser-focused on the real needs of constituents. We need legislators who believe in the power of education and will work to strengthen our education system, who will stand up for a fair tax system that doesn't disproportionately hurt working people, and who will work to make sure that Idaho's infrastructure keeps pace with its growth.

I will be on the ballot as a Democrat in November because the imbalance in Idaho's politics has gone too far. The leadership in Boise has repeatedly attacked public schools, done nothing to counter high home prices, and sought to increase control of our schools, libraries, banks, and medical care. 

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