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Idaho allows any registered voter to vote by mail, but requires a new absentee ballot request each calendar year.  Requests must be submitted at least 11 days before the nearest election.  Mail-in ballots will be mailed up to 45 days prior to an election.  They must be received at the Elections Office by 8 pm on election day. 

You can request an absentee ballot three ways: 


On paper by printing this form and mailing it to the Canyon County Elections Office:

On paper by contacting me. I'll send you the form in the mail or bring one by. Contact me at: 208-484-8286 OR

Information sources


 Voters must re-register if they move, change their name, or have not voted for four years. 

Current law requires that election personnel get a copy of a potential voters driver's license or Idaho ID. 

Those who haven't registered 24 days prior to an election may still register when voting early or on election day 

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"Resources" includes campaign finance reports, frequently asked questions, and the election calendar. 

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