Prioritizing what Matters



Guaranteeing that our kids have every opportunity to follow their dreams is fundamental to the values of the working people of Idaho. Our legislators should be determined to make Idaho's education system among the best in the nation. 

Health Care

Affordable and accessible health care is a priority for Idahoans. Anxiety about health coverage and healthcare related debt are a drain on our community. We need legislators who will ensure that all Idahoans are able to get the health care they need at a price they can afford.

Nurse with older man

Fairness for Workers

The minimum wage in Idaho has not gone up in over a decade. We now have 40 percent of workers in our state making less than $12 an hour. In the meantime the cost of living in the Treasure Valley has steadily increased. Our legislature should take action to support working people and increase the minimum wage as housing and other costs go up.

Responsible Government

Our legislature has passed bills they acknowledge will result in fruitless lawsuits that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. And our legislature has passed bills that cost our state federal dollars.

Idaho legislators should pass bills that save money instead of wasting it.