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Moving Idaho Forward

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Vote Toni Ferro for State Senate

Ferro For Senate: Welcome
Ferro For Senate: Bio

Why I am running for State Senate

I am working to make Idaho a better place for Idaho's working people. We need a legislature that will focus on the real needs of Idahoans instead of focusing on divisive issues to attract national media attention. Our rapid growth means new challenges for our State and we need a legislature that is working hard to resolve real issues like housing, transportation, and preserving water and farmland. Finally, we need legislators who believe in the power of education and will work to strengthen our education system.

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Ferro For Senate: Bio

Teamwork makes a difference

I've been talking to voter's in District 11 for four years. Most are worried about the impacts of Idaho's rapid growth on housing, education, transportation, water, and farmland. Many no longer believe that our legislature is willing to focus on our needs. Voter registration and voter turnout in District 11 are among the lowest in the state. Every person participating in our campaign will help send a message that when we vote we can improve Idaho's legislature for the better.    

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Where to get information on Idaho voting 

Voting -- and helping friends and neighbors vote -- is were we can all make a difference.  Since 2010 the Idaho legislature has considered a wide range of voter suppression bills, and restricted accepted forms of voter identification. Idahoans are fortunate to still have same-day registration, vote-by-mail upon request, and early voting. Voters may even check online to verify their registration or check the status of their ballot.           

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Thank you for your support.

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